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Running up The Hill of Inspiration with Fay Hield – Download

From playing piano music to perambulating your thoughts by dancing the tango, Mind Store – our event at The University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind last week – highlighted the central role of music in inspiring us (although writing, ‘I love you, you can do this’ at the top of essays as motivation was […]

Graphenes, the infinite football and other mysteries with Professor Patrick Fowler

Make your way to the very top of the Chemistry building at The University of Sheffield and you suddenly start to see patterns that you just don’t notice when you’re up close and personal with its pavements. Like the way West Street cuts its way through the city centre, or the lattice-like layer of telegraph […]

What do Optical Physicists look at? A Conversation with Professor Mark Fox

As we build to Mind Store at Festival of the Mind on 22nd September (info here) we’re talking to a couple of our previous speakers about the environments they live and work in and how they inspire them. First up, Professor Mark Fox talks to us about his office in The Department of Optical Physics… […]

Share Your Brains with Inspiration & Co’s ‘Mind Store’

Designed for The Festival of The Mind this September, ‘Mind Store ‘ is our very first one-off event; an illuminating barge down the central canals of some of Inspiration & Co’s most beautiful minds. Set in an imaginary pop-up shop located in the friendly but squishy Inspiration & Co shop, we’ll be taking an inside-out […]

The universe in a single room

From classrooms and libraries to Chihuahuan deserts and amazonian rain forests, The University of Sheffield’s lecturers, teachers and researchers explore everything from microscopic nanotechnology to stars – a universe of knowledge that students share in every day.

Produced by The University of Sheffield Students’ Union as part of the Discover and Understand project, Inspiration & Co is a series of talks that curates the most inspiring, thoughtful and surprising thinking in the University. Nominated and voted for by students themselves, it’s a ‘mind store’ of ideas that brings cross-pollenated insight and method into focus and within reach of every student…

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